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Craftsman-style house

What comes to mind when you picture a home in America? Have you thought about the classic white fence and a cottage in the suburbs perfect for a few kids and a dog? If so, you might be imagining a Craftsman-style home.

These homes have been a part of the American landscape for more than 100 years, but their popularity has not waned. Even through the various developments of modern home construction, buyers and builders continue to return to the Craftsman aesthetic.

Why is this type of house important? Why do people love it? Learn the Craftsman style and why it has stood the test of time.

If you want to understand why handmade houses became so popular, look at the history of this style and the socio-political context at the time it was first introduced. In the late 1800s, the Victorian style dominated home construction in the United States. These houses are very elaborately designed and use ultimate technology to produce a lot of houses in a short amount of time.

The mass production of housing was a direct response to the industrial revolution. Cities need thousands of workers filling factories every day. For reference, look at the Brownstone homes built in New York City. At the time, they were considered affordable and were made of the nearest available sandstone.

However, in the early 1900s, social beliefs began to change. Americans no longer want to live in mass-produced homes, seen as poorly built and enticing. The rejection of mass production was also in line with the labor movement of the time, which called for employee protection, a safe working environment and fair pay.

As a result, craftsman-style houses became popular. These homes feature hand-crafted structures made with high-quality (usually local) materials. Each home is a work of art and built to exacting standards.

Many handcrafted homes still exist today and are extremely popular with buyers.

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What are the main features of a Craftsman style house?

There are a few key distinguishing features of craftsman-style homes that continue to be used today. This is a versatile building style that allows people to make their home larger or combine different layouts without sacrificing that traditional look and feel. Keep your eyes away from:

  • Horizontal lines. Victorian homes are known for their vertical nature. Craftsmen were against it.
  • Low roof triangular (gable). A craftsman’s house can look like a log house because of the low roof. The triangular pitch is often noticeable from the front.
  • The roofing extends past the walls. This creates shade in the yard and draws your eye to the clear lines of the roof.
  • Beams and rafters are in contact. This highlights the local nature of the wood and the hard work of the builder to install it.
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Just because craftsman-style homes reject the fanfare of Victorian buildings doesn’t mean they don’t have their own stylistic elements. However, any decorations or accessories built into the structure of the house are often handcrafted and made with local materials. They were developed by woodworkers, who were inspired by the style of the house.

Overall, the use of local materials is one of the main features of the craftsman-style houses. If you visit a historic Craftsman home, the owner can tell you where a particular support beam, wooden floor, or rafters come from.

How did the modern Craftsman’s houses evolve?

Although the Craftsman structure has been around for more than a century, builders continue to use these houses as inspiration for new construction. Craftsmen’s houses are still popular and they have stood the test of time with their classically styled patterns.

There are a few features that you might notice in newer Craftsman homes, highlighting how the design style has changed. Including:

  • Bright colours. The Craftsmen’s houses were originally painted in earthy tones. However, many homeowners use striking colors in the exterior, trim and doors.
  • Large bay window. Homeowners continue to find ways to add natural light to their rooms.
  • Mortar. Builders can incorporate stucco accents for contrast or use it as the main material for siding.
  • Many stories. Classical craftsmen’s houses usually have one and a half floors or less. However, many builders are adding second stories or creating leveling options in their designs.

With these modern modifications, homeowners can embrace the concept of a Craftsman home without having to live in a historic building or feel constrained by outdated design styles.

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Who lives in Craftsman-style houses?

The versatility of the Craftsman style home makes it a popular choice for people of different walks of life. Smaller houses are often found in urban areas, close to downtown restaurants and nightlife. These homes are often popular with childless (or small) individuals and couples.

In the suburbs you can find families moving into Craftsmen’s houses. This is usually where the houses are larger and incorporate multiple floors. There’s enough room for many kids and usually space in the yard to run around.

In some cases, you can find Craftsmen’s houses in rural areas. These can be impressive dome houses built on the slopes of mountains or farms overlooking large tracts of land. The style of the house makes it welcoming while allowing the structure to blend in with the natural elements around it.

Hire a realtor to buy a craftsman-style home

If you are interested in moving into a Historic Craftsman home or a Modern Craftsman style home contact a Realtor who can look for these key features in the area. your area. This home style is more popular in some cities than others, so the availability of Craftsmen homes will vary depending on where you live.

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What are the Craftsmen’s houses made of?

One of the key elements of an original Craftsman home is the use of local materials. By using local materials, builders can enhance the quality of their homes. They tap into local pride in the use of nearby trees, rocks, and other resources. Today, Modern Craftsman-style houses are made of stucco or wooden planks.

Can you paint a Craftsman house?

Historically, Craftsmen’s houses were painted in earthy tones to emphasize the local nature of the materials used. However, modern homes incorporate a variety of colors on the doors, trim, and even partitions. As long as your home is not on the historic registry or restricted by HOA, you can choose almost any color to paint your home.

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