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Think about your last exciting trip to a city you’ve never seen before. The experience you had there was so great that you might have considered going back, but this time it was good. You can’t stop thinking about how wonderful it would be if you had the same kind of experience, every day you get to live there. Although emotions and sensations may fade over time, the charm and vibrancy of a city remains.

There are always certain things that make a city special, and there’s definitely a special venue held in the state of Massachusetts where you get that vibe. Although many consider the city of Newton MA to be part of Boston, there are several things that set it apart from the capital city. Newton MA’s vibrant community is something people are looking for in many other places, but few can match the quality of life from Newton MA.

This Boston suburb is located in Middlesex County, Massachusetts and it is considered one of the best communities to live in. Let’s go a step further and see what life at Newton MA is like. From schools and housing, to attractions and restaurants, we’ll cover some of the things Newton MA residents love about the city. Without further advice, let’s get started!

Population of Newton MA

Wouldn’t it be great if you had advanced knowledge about your future neighbors? Are they noisy? Do they have children? While we always have a dream home in mind, I’m sure you’ve been thinking about what your ideal neighbor would be like.

While many would agree that it’s something you can’t figure out in advance, it’s still understandable what it feels like to be a part of Newtonian communities. You will find that the communities at Newton MA are dynamic and vibrant and the care people have for each other is particularly remarkable here.

Regarding its population, the population of Newton MA is around 90,000. Not an impressive number as it is a suburb of Boston, but it is a city made up of 13 different villages and each community has its own charm. Even world celebrities living in Newton MA think the city is well worth it.

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On the other hand, the average age of the population is around 40. There is a large population in their senior years who find the city a perfect retirement as well as a young population that can be heard through laughter. child. and giggled all over the city. Many see the city as the ideal place to grow up and have a family to take care of.

There are more than 30,000 households in Newton MA, of which about 70% are households. About 33% of households have one or more people under the age of 18 and about 41% have someone aged 60 or over. Another aspect regarding Newton’s MA population is the fact that there isn’t much diversity. There are five times more white residents than any other ethnicity or race, followed by Asians and Hispanics.

Newton MA . Public Schools

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If some people might think that there is a connection between Isaac Newton and the name of the city, they are mistaken, it is not. However, if you think about the educational standards the city holds and the number of Nobel laureates who have graduated from one of the surrounding schools, you can find similarities.

Indeed, Newton MA’s school system is outstanding and the city prides itself on being able to provide a top-notch education, resulting in highly regarded schools. Not only public schools but Newton MA also boasts one of the best equipped libraries in the Commonwealth.

Some schools worth mentioning are Newton South High School, Ward Elementary School, Oak Hill Middle School, and many more. It is certain that many families transfer to Newton MA because of their school system. Besides, Newton is also known as a quiet college town, with Boston College and Lasell College as their basic secondary education institutions.

Having such a conducive learning environment is ideal and Newton MA has done a great job of combining work with play. There are lots of parks, open areas and playgrounds where you can hang out with your kids and have a great time together. Combine that with the safe environment of Newton MA and you have the perfect community.

Restaurants in Newton MA

A culinary journey in a new city is perhaps one of the most enjoyable ways you can experience the culture and surrounding areas. The same applies to Newton MA, where there are many great restaurants where you can dine. From American and Italian to Asian and French cuisine, here even some of the pickiest eaters can find something to please.

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Here we can mention Sycamore, a chef-owned neighborhood pub located in Newton Centre. The menu focuses on European country dishes, local cuisine and dishes from American cuisine. With fresh, local produce, the kitchen can prepare healthy, rustic dishes like Hudson Valley roast duck, mushroom baked pasta, shakshuka and more.

Capital Grille is one of the local favorites, a steakhouse with a menu inspired by American cuisine. Some of the chef’s suggestions include the Sliced ​​Filet Mignon, Sliced ​​Tenderloin, and you also have the Bone-in Ribeye or the Dry Aged NY Strip.

If you are a sweetie and you are looking for a good place to satisfy your sugar cravings, LA Burdick Handmade Chocolates is the place for you. They serve hot chocolate, coffee and tea in various flavors. You can enjoy your hot beverage along with a slice of Hazelnut-Orange Cake, Chocolate-Lemon Cake, fresh fruit tartlet or many other baked goods from their selection of pastries.

Newton MA Real Estate

home and important real estate concept

If there’s one thing Newton MA is famous for, it’s Heartbreak Hill, which is one of the most challenging tracks in the Boston Marathon. However, for some residents, the heartbreak is due to the high cost of living. If you think about it, that might make sense since we’ve covered some of the things that make the Newton MA a great place to live.

High quality public schools with a 97% graduation rate, an impressively low crime rate and that is also why the city is known as the “Garden City”. Parks, Reserves, lakes, verdant open areas and impressive tree-lined streets are just some of the things that make Newton MA one of the best places for outdoor recreation.

Not to mention the community life and special homes located in the city of Newton MA. All these aspects create a great environment with a high quality of life that somehow justifies the high cost of living and especially the real estate in Newton MA.

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Currently, according to Zillow, Redfin and Bestplaces, the median home value is around $1.1 million and the Newton MA property market is very competitive despite the high prices. If you want to invest in the real estate market or even look for a home to live in, you need to be in a good financial position. The average list price per square foot in the Newton MA is about $520 compared to the Boston-Cambridge-Newton metro averaging around $300 per square foot. By comparison, the median house price in Newton MaA is twice as high as in the capital, Boston.

Rents in Newton MA are also quite high with average rents above $2,000 per month. For example, a 2 bedroom apartment easily rises above $2,000 a month. Make sure you contact one of our best real estate agents in Newton MA if you want to get into the real estate market as a home seller or buyer.


There is no doubt that the vibrant city of Newton MA is one of the most luxurious and lively communities in the state and even in the United States. The impressive homes lining the streets of Newton MA along with its vast expanses of green are a delight to the eye. Although, the size is not very large, you will get lost in the landscape and the amount of things to do and places to visit. Newton MA’s Garden City is all that New England is, and has plenty of treasures waiting to be discovered.

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