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QR code for real estate signThere’s been a revolution going on when it comes to those traditional real estate signs for sale. Instead of stale, boring real estate signs, savvy real estate agents and homeowners have tried to Improve curb appeal to attract customers to their homes through modern high-tech smart “for sale” signs.

And thank God for that! Real estate signs for sale haven’t changed much in more than a century. Always the bland square sign with – preferably – the name of the person you have to talk to, traditional real estate signs for sale are a marketing tool that has become so popular that it loses its effectiveness. result: we either block it out of our sight – we see it, but don’t calculate it because we know it’s advertising – or we get so annoyed with it that we start giving rules to reduce their presence. For example, New Canaan Real Estate Agent agreed to introduce a six-month citywide ban on property signs because they pollute the urban landscape.

So really, a long overdue change!

But what exactly is this revolution? Are we getting rid of lawn signs, like the New Canaan Real Estate Agents did?

Not really. In fact, it is the opposite.

In a way, real estate signs for sale don’t do anything special; they’re entering a new century, that’s all. Yes, their shapes are different, but the real revolution is not in the way they look, but in the service they provide. It’s all about functionality. What real estate agents realize is that your lawn sign not only “advertises” the property, but goes a few steps further to try and actually turn passersby into customers. potential; if not for that property, for another property.

Here’s the problem: 1 in 10 people looks at those signs and calculates that the house is for sale and, coincidentally, is currently searching for such a home, picks up the number and calls the agent. physical. That is a very small number. So the real estate industry, taking advantage of the connectivity that mobile phones and the internet have made possible, decided to work on making the sign go a little beyond that. At first, it was just the addition of a specific QR code to the property. The client will scan it and it will take him to the page where that house is listed. This simple act in itself is revolutionary as clients can now receive – without bothering the real estate agent – standard information such as square footage, year of construction, asking price. , agent phone number, etc. The life of a real estate agent is a busy person, so if time is money, QR codes for real estate have become a real money saver; especially since this is so simple – just a URL redirect – that the real estate agent can do it himself and program it.

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Now, the evolution of technology leads to even more amazing technological developments, so it doesn’t stop there, and QR codes for real estate have gone from money saver to creator. money. With a little more programming, real estate agents were able to provide social signup buttons and contact information, you can imagine, their number of leads has increased significantly. With a simple scan from curious people, they can get a call or a new social media follower.

QR codes for real estate are so easy and effective, there’s no reason not to add it to real estate signs for sale, however, the real revolution is what comes from continuing to use it. .

Witnessing how agents attracted leads, real estate startups started to invest in further modernizing their signage and the results were astounding. The so-called “intelligent signs” have it all. First, they are circular, which is a discontinuity in itself. They have motion sensors: whenever someone walks within 20 feet, the smart sign’s LED lights up. Sure, those aesthetic changes are nice in themselves and it makes the signs stand out. But what’s great is what signage, if aligned with a particular app, can do: connect customers to dealers via Bluetooth, a tool where you can directly schedule displays or even magazine, a digital lockbox for the buyer’s agent to open the home and show its customers. If you’re far away from it, the app can open Google maps and get directions to the place. In the future, once you add voice recognition and artificial intelligence to it, there will be an entire field of CRM (customer relationship management) that can be done by sign, helping you and your friends. real estate team those tasks, allowing you to focus on data analysis, rather than data collection.

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Is it perfect? Doesn’t it come with possible problems attached? Of course not.

First of all, it’s quite expensive. Unlike QR codes for real estate signs, homeowners will not be able to do it themselves; they would have to pay the pioneers in this field about $700 a kilo. Of course, prices will drop as soon as demand increases, but still – and this is the second point – with so much expensive modern technology inside of them, chances are people will try to steal it. Companies say their insurance policies are in place to deal with that, but just the annoyance of having to deal with it (or even worry about it, really) is something to watch. consider that both QR codes for real estate and traditional for discount signs do not carry.

Aside from its financial aspect, there are also annoyances associated with the signs. They’re cooler however, there’s been a whole movement against visual pollution from which smart signs will be hard to come by. And, with motion sensors, it will often light up in the middle of the night because birds, feral cats and other animals, combined with the anti-visual pollution movement, could become a reasonable and compelling argument. give the owner a lot of things. headache.

There will be workarounds; all are very new, exciting and will certainly provide a variety of conversation topics for the real estate industry. What do you think about that? Do you like it “How do I get a QR code? ” because you think this is a great idea? And how about a new perspective on this sales sign? Do you think it will last long or do you think that, with modern digital marketing constantly winning in Old-fashioned Marketing vs Modern Marketing debate, the days of “for sale” signs are over? Let us know in the comments section!

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