What Is The Crime Rate In Gulf Breeze Florida? Is It Safe?

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Founded in 1935, the city of Breeze Bay FL is just a 15-minute drive from Pensacola. You’ll find it right on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico with waterfront access on three sides of it. This makes it a great destination for boaters and outdoor enthusiasts alike, while having a laid-back atmosphere suitable for families as well as retirees. Many of the residents who live here can work in Pensacola, which is just across the Pensacola Bay Bridge because they may want to enjoy the small-town atmosphere that Gulf Breeze, Florida can offer. Aside from its particular charm and the overall holiday experience you get while living there, another very important thing that you must check before deciding to move somewhere is the level of safety. for your family. We can safely say that the city of Gulf Breeze, FL is not the same as Pensacola in terms of safety.

Safe in Gulf Breeze, Florida

If you get a job in Pensacola and you’re wondering whether to move there, take a look at the crime statistics available on AreaVibes[dot]com or NeighborhoodScout[dot]com can easily see why it would be better to move to a neighboring suburb. Comparing Pensacola with Gulf Breeze helps to strike a balance in favor of Gulf Breeze. Although close to each other, the crime rate could not be more disparate.

Overall, the city of Gulf Breeze, Florida has an average crime statistics half that of Florida, while Pensacola’s crime rate is less than a third. With about 14 crimes occurring for every 1,000 residents, the crime statistics in Gulf Breeze are 43 percent below the national average. This makes the city about 66% safer than all cities in the US. What’s more, the crime rate fell even lower, down 32% year-to-year.

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Moving to Gulf Breeze, Florida isn’t just a good idea because of its safety. The education system is also rated as better than the surrounding areas. The school system, while limited to just five public schools, has a graduation rate above the national average of 15 percent while test scores are 58 percent higher than the national average. This makes Gulf Breeze FL a great place to live for families and moreover, its assisted living amenities make it a great choice for retirees. If you decide that this small seaside town is ideal for you and your family, simply contact local real estate agents in Gulf Breeze FL and they will help you through the process.

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