Land Use Planning

Planning Assistance


We assist municipal officials with land use planning, including subdivisions, site plan review, comprehensive planning, shoreland zoning and floodplain management. See our services listed below.  We host workshops on land use related issues.

Comprehensive Planning

We help communities develop local comprehensive plans. Comprehensive planning is the process by which townspeople accumulate information about their community, gather ideas about what they want their community to be like in the years to come, and formulate actions the town can take to achieve that specific idea of community. A comprehensive plan addresses issues of land use, financial management, public facilities, capital improvement and economic development.

Ordinance Development

We offer assistance to communities addressing local land use issues to help create ordinances that are applicable to each community's needs and to help avoid ineffective regulation.

North Haven Harbor

Services Offered

  •  Administrative Ordinances

  •  Appeals Board Assistance

  •  Architectural Standards for Historic Preservation

  •  Big-Box Design Standards

  •  Build Out Analysis of Growth Potential

  •  Building Growth Caps

  •  Cell/Communication Tower Regulation

  •  Coastal Waters and Harbor Management Ordinances

  •  Comprehensive Planning

  •  Computer (GIS) Mapping

  •  Conditional Uses

  •  Demographics:  Historic, Current and Forecasts

  •  Ethics in Land Use Decisionmaking

  •  Floodplain Ordinances

  •  Form Based Design Standards

  •  Home Occupation Standards

  •   Impact Fee Options

  •   Landscaping Standards

  •   Lighting Standards

  •   Municipal Charters

  •   Noise Standards

  •   Open Space/Cluster/Conservation Subdivisions

  •   Planning Board Assistance

  •   Rezoning Criteria

  •   Ridge Line Development/Conservation

  •   Road Ordinances, Driveways and Entrances

  •   Shoreland Zoning Ordinances

  •   Site Plan Review Ordinances

  •   Subdivision Ordinances

  •   Variances and Waivers

  •   Wind Power Facility Regulation

  •  Workshops on Planning Related Topics

  •   Zoning (Land Use) Ordinances