Mapping, Demographics and Forecasting

Computer Mapping

Water Resources Map Detail

Using Geographic Information Systems (G.I.S.) technology, we create customized maps of communities showing natural resources (aquifers, topography, wildlife habitats, wetlands and watersheds), public facilities (municipal and historic properties), infrastructure (roads, rail, and ports), development trends (based on municipal information), and locally defined land use districts (as set by municipal ordinances).

Data Packets and Forecasts

Major Employers and Housing
Density Map Detail

We compile demographic and housing statistics on communities and generate forecasts from local, regional, state, federal and private sources to help inform the planning decisions of municipal boards, officials, community organizations, and concerned residents.


Planning Studies

In cooperation with municipal governments and state and federal agencies, we conduct and provide assistance for studies on development, labor markets, transportation (including access management), natural resources, and hazard mitigation.